Spruce wood, tube amps, transducers, sm57 mic, inductor coils, piezos

Resonant Frequency was built around the idea that every day is a performance.  The goal was to create a musical installation that takes advantage of easy and intuitive movements from daily ritual.  When a person enters the space, the sound of each footstep is captured and amplified into the body.  Arm gestures and proximity produce feedback loops.  Discovery encourages movement and musicality.
Thesis with Advisor Nancy Hechinger
The System
Rhythm is captured by piezos and equalized to send low frequencies to the transducer-pack worn by the performer.  A SM57 mic is attached to the arm via a custom mount.  From transformers to inductor coils, nearly every physical object in the audio loop interacts with the microphone.  The scene is modular and offers customization –including the ability to add multiple users.

Thesis Presentation Live stream

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